A Reputable Company or The Guy From Gumtree?

A Reputable Company or The Guy From Gumtree?


Glenlith Interiors....Are they not expensive?

This is the feedback we hear a lot through the grapevine, and it always makes us laugh, Why? Let me begin.......

You decide you want a new kitchen or bedroom, even a home office, where do you start? The first thing you do is open newspapers, visit High St showrooms, talk with colleagues the list goes on.

1) Newspapers: 
The ad promises the world for £3995. The reality, 8 units from the entry level kitchen door range, a basic worktop, appliances that last a year if you are lucky and installed by wood butchers from an agency to cope with the companies special offer.

2) High St Showrooms:
Dressed up to make you want to buy it. "From" prices everywhere They look great, they even have the Diamond encrusted worktops and Unicorn skin doors (joke) but will this really look good in YOUR kitchen space, remember this is a SHOWroom, a room that is made to look like a sweet shop for adults, A room that is designed to make you buy something with no consideration if you require or not!

3) Talk to colleagues
This results in a large benefit for us, however, you do experience some aspect of what the title of this blog is about. Your friend tells you about this place Howden's, but its trade only, Trade only? "Yeah, you need to get someone with an account to buy the kitchen for you" This is special, you think. If you do this you will get 70-80% off the retail price, WOW! 

The reality, Example: Retail Price of a 1200mm unit £1000, Trade price with 80% off £200, the brings it down to the same price it is in any High St Showroom on a like for like basis.

The big difference with Glenlith Interiors is our years of experience. We can walk into a room and know what it will take to make it special, we can see the issues that will arise during the project, we can advise on solutions to keep costs down. We will not leave you with a fitted kitchen without the option of other trade involvement. It's the planning that makes the kitchen great, the showroom finishes you expect, the showroom finishes that's planted in your mind. 
We don't fall out with clients, Why? Because we price accordingly. That price includes a team of installers who are trade professionals, who always have the spark of magic to resolve any issues. When we price a project, the price includes a showroom finish as standard, and all finishing touches right down to a professional silicone seal.

The bottom line is kitchens and bedrooms are like buying a car, if you want a Ford Fiesta or a Fiat Punto the price will be much the same, If you want a BMW 3 series or a Mercedes C class, the price will be much the same, however, if you want a BMW M3 for the price of BMW 318i model, it will simply not happen, fundamentally it's the same, however, until you experience the end result, you realise it's the add-ons that make difference in the overall outcome.

Visit www.glenlithinteriors.com for more info


Picture 2 is a kitchen we tendered for and lost to a guy from Gumtree who was much cheaper! 

He told the client your floors are out of level that's why, and it's not his fault!

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