Approved QUOOKER Supplier in Glasgow

Approved QUOOKER Supplier in Glasgow


NEWS | Glenlith now an Approved Quooker Supplier

With a Quooker tap in your home, you always have cold, hot, boiling, refreshing sparkling and filtered water at your fingertips, straight from your tap.
It is the safest and most sustainable 'tap' option for your kitchen and saves space on your worktop. Here are some reasons for choosing a Quooker tap.

Make a quick pot of tea or an instant coffee. You could even cook your pasta. Ideal for preparing baby bottles
With the Quooker Flex (extendable hose) you will be able to rinse and clean much easier.

You use less water and energy. 
When you dispense water from your Quooker tap, you use the exact amount of water you need. Unlike with a kettle, whereby people often boil more water than needed...or decide to re-boil it because the water has cooled down, wasting lots of energy!

Less plastic waste, thanks to the CUBE
With a Quooker CUBE, you will get filtered chilled and sparkling as well as 100 degrees boiling, hot and cold water. This means no more plastic bottles. With a reusable bottle you can enjoy the crisp taste of Quooker's chilled and sparkling water on the go. What's more, you're saving the planet!

With an active carbon filter in the tank, it purifies the water for you (no need for bottled water). As the tank keeps the water at 110 degrees, the water is always fresh and reduces calcium levels which gives a much better taste... even for your cup of tea.
The Quooker Cube which dispenses cold sparkling and filtered water is also fitted with a Hollow Fibre filter and an Active Carbon filter that removes any bacteria supplying you with the best possible water quality

The Quooker was the world's first genuine boiling water tap, and they continue to lead the way and has lead to a revolution in Kitchen design.
Quooker has 15 patents, which may only be used by Quooker and, in turn, means that they are still the leader in the market. The Quooker is still manufactured and distributed from the company's own factory in the Netherlands.

One of the most frequently posed questions we receive: 
"Boiling water straight from the tap? Is that Safe?
Ultimately the Quooker tap is the safest choice for EVERY household. There are over half a million Quooker taps in homes throughout the world ALL with essential safety features within them, including a childproof handle.
The tap's whole spout is fully insulated, swivels and is height adjustable. When the boiling water option is being used, a lamp lights up. The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray and NOT a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns.
Perhaps more importantly: a Quooker can not fall over, unlike a kettle or pan.

Glenlith Interiors and Quooker. The perfect match in the highest of quality and standards. Get in touch today to find out more about including the Quooker into your kitchen design.

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