Attention to detail and quality. The Architect's Best Friend.

Attention to detail and quality. The Architect's Best Friend.


At Glenlith Interiors, we often remind our customers about how much we pay attention to the small, but very important, details when fitting your beautiful kitchen.

I've often heard clients suggest to me, whilst agonising over the smallest of issues, 'Just leave it Mike... It's fine.'

Well, we don't do 'just fine'. It's what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd. There are many benefits to this way of working but one of the less obvious ones (especially for you the customer) is that Architects love working with us.

There are times when someone has not heard of Glenlith Interiors (we're working on that ; ) and they have embarked on their 'development' (large or small) by consulting with an Architect ... which is sound practice to be fair.

When an Architect gets involved in a project it becomes pretty serious. Architects, when given the chance, love to push the boundaries. They love to get the chance to design new spaces, use new materials, create concepts and spaces that make people go WOW! ... and that is where we come in. There are many customers who come to us via the Architect as they have created/designed that WOW Kitchen.

Architects trust us to stay true (within reason obviously) to the design and retain the highest of specifications. They trust us that we will deliver what they promised on paper or computer. We are often told that this is a great feeling for them and that the high level of trust they have in us means that they can pass the client over to us in complete confidence.

So even if you have already contacted your Architect and they have suggested a 'kitchen fitter' ... make sure that you mention Glenlith Interiors to them. Don't get let down by using a sub-standard tradesmen after doing the right thing and commissioning an Architect. Do your kitchen justice and get the experts in.

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