Be SO good that they can't ignore you.

Be SO good that they can't ignore you.


Relocating Glenlith Interiors from London to Glasgow wasn't easy. You have the skill, the knowledge and the experience, but sometimes it still wasn't enough. 

Every other day, you had the challenge of tendering for contracts which can be very time-consuming and often not very fruitful. Regardless of the amount of skill, knowledge and experience you have sometimes that job just never made it to your inbox. Sometimes you were left drained, wondering why the other company got the contract. Often asking why the less skilled and experienced team got the job ahead of you. 

When operating any business, it's important that you keep a strong mental attitude. When you take a knock you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and bounce back and always try to find the positives. 

Looking back now I can find it quite amusing. At the time, however,  it was far from it. Don't get me wrong, it still happens, and always will. 

The power of social media gave Glenlith Interiors the 'slingshot' it needed to display fine images of our quality projects.
This platform has allowed us to showcase our work to thousands of people and demonstrate that "we are so good - we can't be ignored".

Visit our Kitchens Gallery to get a feel for how good we actually are.
: ) Mike

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