Featured Traditional Kitchen | The Mornington Shaker

Featured Traditional Kitchen | The Mornington Shaker


Our featured kitchen this month is the Mornington Shaker

At Glenlith Interiors, we supply some really beautiful kitchens ... none more so than the Mornington Shaker Kitchen. As you can see from the images below simplicity really is the key to the design of this traditional kitchen. The featured kitchen - in a U-shaped layout - makes great use of the space and creates a very welcoming and practical workspace. The Worktop we are showcasing is a Marbled white Strata Quartz and works superbly well with the Natural Oak wood doors.

The beautiful ash grain texture adds a visual interest to the painted finish. There is the special option of Paint To Order (PTO) with plenty of options to allow you to customise your Mornington Kitchen.
We have installed several Mornington Kitchens in Glasgow, Edinburgh and all across Scotland.

The Mornington Kitchen comes in 2 Ranges... the one we have focussed on initially and the Mornington Beaded.
The Mornington Beaded Kitchen door features an elegant quarter round bead which provides an extra level of detail, in turn creating the timeless look you see below. The worktop you see is Gris Sylvestre Granite. A timeless kitchen which you will, hopefully, never tire of.

We truly believe that we are one of Scotland's leading Bespoke Kitchen fitting companies and our portfolio of work serves as evidence. If you are even considering changing your kitchen then please get in touch with one of our kitchen experts at Glenlith. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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