Great news everyone. We got the call today, that the long-awaited Rothwell handless door is now available to order. This was a door BA Components (one of our main door suppliers) showcased in March this year at the KBB in Birmingham. What's so special you may ask? The difference is, the Rothwell is flat matt (not Gloss) with anti-fingerprint technology, it's also 22mm thick, much sturdier looking than the standard 18mm. Its PEFC certified and boasts a FIRA Gold award…/…/fira-gold-product-certification-1 .

The Rothwell is available in Light Grey, Dust Grey, Cashmere and White, boasting a range of accessories, including, Curved Doors, Multi Rails "J" Handle end panels & posts. "So what" you may ask. Look at the images attached, look what can be achieved with a little vision and design flair. Why spend all that money on a German brand with the strong Euro. You can have the same quality made here in the UK, without the worry of up to 6 week lead times for remedial, (that's if they don't shut down for around 3 months in the summer...Only joking)

As I always like to leave the best until last, it's on a 3-day lead time and falls into our G2 price bracket, what a bargain!

Visit for more info

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