Gloss or Matt Kitchen?

Gloss or Matt Kitchen?


With regards to the title of this blog post lot's of people have already made their mind up and just prefer one over the other. That's an excellent position to be in, but given that you are here reading this post we will assume that you are undecided. : )

Rather than put our conclusion at the end of a very long blog post we are going to offer it up front. Gloss or Matt Kitchen? What one is the best?
Well, put quite simply, it all boils down to 'Personal Choice'. 
'What kind of help is that' I hear you asking.

If you have the time to read on then we will be able to arm you with various pros and cons of both Matt and Gloss finished kitchens; however, it will always come down to 'quality'. Quality, whether it's a gloss or matt, is what we are all about at Glenlith. Your bespoke fitted kitchen will ALWAYS be of the highest quality. Read on ... and arm yourself with some decent information.

The popularity of matt or gloss changes over the years. Six or seven years ago there was a real move towards a matt finish being the most sought after.  Gloss had a few years 'of fame' in between then and now ... however, in 2018, we can quite confidently say that matt kitchens are by far the most popular. We would predict that the popularity of a matt finish will continue into 2019.

The key to achieving the right look in both styles is by choosing a quality product and installation. Matt and gloss kitchens can form the basis of a visually stunning design that is timeless in appearance, easy to maintain, and very durable. But if you compromise on quality, then you risk having a kitchen that lets you down in the years ahead.

We have now established that a high-quality product is essential for a successful gloss or matt kitchen; however,  the problem still remains on how to choose between a gloss or matt kitchen! 

High Gloss Kitchens
The Zurfiz High Gloss Kitchen

The quality of installation is essential to your kitchen’s appearance, but it is also important to realise that gloss kitchen colours can look slightly different in appearance under different light settings. Eye level units will, in general, reflect more light but you can also reflect other colours. It might be worth considering the installation of LED lights which will alter the visual appearance of the doors. This is something that we have done on many occasion and can work really well in both matt and gloss kitchens but especially well with the reflective properties of a gloss door. 

Essentially, it is advisable to get advice from an experienced designer like ourselves in deciding the gloss colour and effect you are after.

Highly polished gloss kitchen doors reflect light across the kitchen. The effect of this is an elegant look, but an added bonus is that reflected light also creates the impression of a larger area, particularly within lighter gloss kitchen colours. Ideal for some smaller kitchen spaces. The smoother the surface and lighter the colour, the more light is reflected, and the bigger and brighter a kitchen space will appear. High Gloss white can really help maximise the space as you can see in this BA Pronto High Gloss kitchen transformation. Again - speak to one of our designers to find out what surface would compliment your doors best.

Gloss kitchens are easy to wipe clean making them a stylish and practical choice for families, amateur cooks, or pet owners. Gloss kitchen finishes are widely accessible in a range of materials, colours and prices too. 

- Can make small spaces appear bigger
- Easy to clean
- A wide range of colours
- Can mark easily

Matt Finish Kitchens
Remo Painted Matt Graphite Kitchen

As with gloss kitchens, the quality of product and skillset is one of the primary requirements for getting the best possible looking kitchen, and the matt kitchen is one of the most stunning possible looks for a kitchen. As suggested by its name, it is different from the gloss kitchen because it has a non-reflective surface for a more subtle look.

The matt kitchen has a more solid base of colour than a gloss kitchen as it doesn't rely on a light source to maintain its colour. 
The matt kitchen can be described as one of understated class and elegance and convey a feeling of pure luxury. 

The matt kitchen, like the gloss kitchen, is durable, scratch resistant and also easy to clean, but with the added benefit of fingerprint and smudge marks being less noticeable.

As with gloss kitchens, white doors will give the impression of a bigger space, but to a lesser degree due to the lack of reflection. However, this graphite is proving to be extremely popular... and looks absolutely stunning.

- A look and feel of luxury and elegance
- Easy to clean
- A wide range of colours
- Fingermarks less obvious



So is a gloss or matt kitchen best?

Ultimately, it's still about personal preference, so it’s actually not about what is best, it's about what is right for you. At Glenlith we have plenty of examples of both, and we would be happy to meet up to show you samples in person so that you can make a proper comparison.  Above all, we suggest that you recognise that high quality is the key; even if it's not the lowest in price, the quality of your kitchen is what will remain when the 'price tag' has long been forgotten!

Get in touch with one of our Kitchen experts today!

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