Gloss or Matt Kitchen?

Gloss or Matt Kitchen?


Choosing a Matt or Gloss Kitchen in 2019

With regards to the title of this blog post lot's of people have already made their mind up and just prefer one over the other. That's a great position to be in, but given that you are here reading this post we will assume that you are undecided. : )

Rather than put our conclusion at the end of a very long blog post we are going to offer it up front. Matt or Gloss Kitchen? Which one is the best?
Well, put quite simply, it kind of boils down to 'Personal Preference'. 
'What kind of help is that' I hear you asking. : )

If you have the time to read on then we will be able to arm you with the various pros and cons of both Matt and Gloss finished kitchens; however, it will always come down to 'quality'. Quality, whether it's a gloss or matt, is what we are all about at Glenlith. Your bespoke fitted kitchen will ALWAYS be of the highest quality. Read on ... and arm yourself with some decent information.

The popularity of matt or gloss as a kitchen finish changes over the decades. Seven or Eight years back there was a genuine move towards the matt finish being the most popular.  Like most things... these things work in cycles. The Gloss finish had it's time' in between then and now ... however, in 2019, we can quite confidently say that gloss kitchens are by far our most popular.  Again... it's your shout.

The main thing in respect to both styles is to choose a quality product and kitchen designer/installer. Both styles of kitchens can form the basis of a stunning kitchen that is timeless, easy to look after, and be extremely durable. Do not compromise on quality of finish though. This is something that we feel very strongly about.

High Gloss Kitchens
Why not have a look at one of our Zurfiz High Gloss Kitchens.

Get advice from an experienced designer like ourselves in deciding the gloss colour and effect you are after.

- Can make small spaces appear bigger
- Easy to clean
- A wide range of colours
- Can mark easily

Matt Finish Kitchens
Check out one of our Remo Painted Matt Graphite Kitchens

Once again... get some advice from our Kitchen Design experts today to find out whether your ideal kitchen is best suited to Matt or Gloss. Postives of a matt finish.

- A feeling of luxury and elegance
- Easy to clean
- A wide range of colours
- Fingermarks less obvious

So is a gloss or matt kitchen best?

It's all about taste. Sometimes it's only about what makes you feel best. As we previouyslky mentioned though - get a quality product/installer regardless of what you decide on.

Ultimately, it's still about personal preference, so it’s actually not about what is best, it's about what is right for you. At we have plenty of examples of both finishes.  Take a look at our finished kitchens - it's ALL the proof we need; we might not be the 'cheapest' in town but the quality of your kitchens are what make us stand out from the crowd.
Get in touch with one of our Kitchen experts today!

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