Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Kitchen Design Trends for 2020


Kitchen Design trends for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions and maybe a new bespoke kitchen! Let us inspire you by showing you the kitchen design trends for the year ahead. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. No longer just a place to prepare and eat a meal, it's also the place where family and friends gather for chats, and, on occasions, where the homework is done. It's the social centre of the house.  

The trend for the coming decade sees kitchen designers continue to create floor plans which cater for family time, cooking and social needs. Components of modern style kitchens include freestanding double kitchen islands and expansive open-plan kitchens. Hidden cabinet and drawer handles provide a sleek look. New kitchens also employ really cool technology, distinctive lighting and durable materials... which you can see on some of our other kitchens by clicking here.


Darker shades of natural colours look like they will be popular in the 2020 kitchen colour scheme. The combination of white, dark greys, browns and blacks make the contemporary kitchen have that WOW factor. Choose warm golds, coppers, champagnes, blacks or greys for your sink taps to complete this warm-toned look.

To add colour to your kitchen, choose shades of green or blue. Opt for a deep forest, petrol, sage, or hunter green for your cabinets. Rich blues also sit well in a modern kitchen, pairing nicely with metal fixtures to make a stylish statement. We love working with the Farrow and Ball range. Check out our stone blue (no.86) Kitchen here.


Materials in the Kitchen

Polished marble, granite, ceramics, and hardened glass are not just for worktops, but throughout the kitchen. Resin and pigments crafted through an industrial process, imitating different textures, including wood, are (and always will be) desirable. 

Exposed brick walls, reclaimed timber beams, and pipes are all part of the industrial style and add a chic twist. Above your kitchen island add metal, dome-shaped or steampunk pendant lights in copper, iron with wood, and steel materials. Metal and stainless steel bar stools, worktops and appliances are all going to be making an appearance in 2020. 

Removing upper cabinets and adding open metal or wood shelving can make a huge impact to the minimalist look of the modern kitchen. Stone sinks with copper, granite, or marble backsplashes can look stunning. 

Tech in the Kitchen

Kitchen technology continuously evolves and is removing the stress of meal prep time for the modern family. Mobile phones and digital assistants, like the Android-based Ubi and Amazon's Echo, give access to high tech kitchen appliances, even if you're not home. 

Technology like the Family Hub Refrigerator helps us to shop and alert us when our food is going to expire. We are now even at the stage where cooking your meal is becoming much easier ... thanks to ovens and frying pans that let you know when 'yer dinner' is ready - witchcraft I tells ye... Witchcraft! 

Rolling shutter cabinets (that work via remote control) could be popular as we head into 2020 and beyond. Flat-screen monitors are no longer an exception in the kitchen - pretty much every new kitchen we are installing has a flat-screen or tablet built into the 'design'. Extractor Fan systems that are hidden into work surfaces or disguised as Smart TV's (whilst doing what they are supposed to do) are streamlining the modern kitchen. Smart features make kitchens more than just the heart, but also the brain of the home. Quite scary actually!

Don't wait till after the Hogmanay festivities, get in touch with one of our Kitchen experts today to plan your bespoke modern kitchen design. At Glenlith Interiors, we can implement your '2020' design needs with our quality, high-end craftsmanship and service, giving you the kitchen of your dreams. 


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