Kitchen Storage Solutions. Your Way

Kitchen Storage Solutions. Your Way


Kitchen Storage Solutions | Glasgow

Who says that you can't have it all! With Glenlith Kitchens, you have the flexibility to choose a GREAT looking kitchen that suits your lifestyle ... but makes the best use of space possible.

Storage - For You!
The true mark of a great kitchen is its overall feel and performance working alongside each other. This is where 'storage' is a massive point scorer!
From super intelligent corner solutions and 'invisible' pantries to efficient drawer systems and pull out larders. Our kitchen storage solutions are innovative and stylish and will ensure that your kitchen is both ... beautiful AND practical!

BEAUTIFUL Kitchen Storage Solutions
Save space and stay organised. Keep your beautiful kitchen clutter-free.

Larder Storage
Some of our kitchen larders can hold up to a week's worth of food/shopping. This ingenious system moves the contents of the cupboard towards you, making it easy to access what you are after.

Corner Storage
Difficult-to-reach corners are now a thing of the past. Our magic corner product brings everything to you.

Undercounter Storage
Our Under Counter products mean you get to maximise every bit of kitchen space

Wall storage
Stop reaching. Start pulling the shelf down to your eye level. A great storage solution that makes your life easier.

Drawer Storage
Our practical and stylish drawer inserts are bespoke and can be tailored to suit 'exactly' what you want. As many combinations as you wish. Let your imagination run wild. A place for everything ... and everything in its place.

Pantry Storage
At Glenlith, we can create the EXACT Pantry to suit you and your lifestyle. Again... let your imagination run wild!

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