Quality First, last... and always.

Quality First, last... and always.


I'm pretty sure I've said it before - but we don't have a showroom. Our happy clients' finished kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are our 'showroom'... but I'll say it again. We DON'T have a showroom. : )

With the growth of Social Media it has never been easier for us to get the opportunity to showcase our quality workmanship and kitchens. Showrooms are an expensive overhead and many Kitchen Fitters will , inadvertently, pass on this cost to you to make it sustainable.

The following Kitchen was fitted on time and on (a relatively tight) budget. The following is a review from Laura Rooney in relation to her kitchen - below. You can view our reviews on Facebook here.

"We have recently had a kitchen installed by Mike and his team following numerous recommendations (including one from our architect) and we are absolutely delighted with the results. As the kitchen was part of a larger extension project my husband and I were working to a tight budget and finding it very difficult to imagine how best to design and utilise the space so it would work for us as a family. Mike was very knowledgeable and he worked closely with us to ensure we got the highest quality kitchen whilst also staying within budget. His attention to detail has meant that we have been able to achieve everything we were looking for and the kitchen was installed to the highest quality. I would not hesitate to use Glenlith Interiors again or to recommend them to anyone looking to do a home improvement project."

At Glenlith Interiors we can almost guarantee to supply & fit your kitchen for a significantly lower price than most other kitchen fitting companies.

We have kitchen designers who will design and produce CAD (computer aided design) drawing so you can get an idea of what your kitchen will look like from handles, doors, worksurfaces and taps ... but more importantly the use of space. The client who got us to install the kitchen featured below commented on how much the CAD process made things easier for her ... 'It took away any worries I may have had". She needn't have worried as she subsequently said:

" Would we use Glenlith again? Absolutely. Do they deserve 5 stars ? Definitely. Would I recommend to friends and family? Already have done!"

People often make the mistake of searching for ‘cheap kitchens’ or 'low-cost kitchens'.  Unfortunately what they often end up with is a cheaply made and badly designed kitchen. When we decide to take on a job ... we do it in the knowledge that we will be proud to post and share pictures of every detail of the kitchen. Even our 'details' have a feel of quality.

At Glenlith Interiors we only supply the best possible. We have no time for compromising on the quality of such an important space. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen... make sure it's enjoyable. Install a Glenlith Kitchen. Trust me - you won't regret it.

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