Silestone, Dekton & Sensa in Scotland

Silestone, Dekton & Sensa in Scotland


Glenlith Interiors had the privilege of being invited to Cosentino's new distribution/showroom centre in Livingston today.

We have many samples of stone from Quartz to Granites, but due to its weight, samples provided by suppliers tend to be small. Samples of Quartz and Granite can be large enough for a kitchen or interior designer, but not always large enough for a client to visualise on their new kitchen. What do the do? visit every showroom in the country, of course, they can't, why? because every showroom in the country still couldn't display all the stone surfaces available. Even if they did, the chances of them having it on display with the door you want are relatively slim, that's why many people settle for what they see......DON'T!

With the new design centre, Glenlith Interiors can take our clients out to view the showroom, seeing and feeling larger sections of stone worksurfaces, we can take the kitchen door with us, it may be a 1909 Inframe or a Burbidge Lay-on. At the showroom, our clients will also have the privilege of viewing Silestone "Lyra" or Dekton "Aura" in its jumbo slab of 3mts x 1.9mts, if its phase Two of kitchen design, choose and secure their slabs of stone they like that day. This really is a big deal.   

There is some beautiful stone to see, some will take your breath away, especially when you see in slab format. The format before they are lowered on the CNC machine to be cut for your new fitted kitchen counter tops. We actually used Aura in one of our CAD designs this morning as the strong veining gave the marble look the client required.

Fantasy Brown caught my eye, not really Brown, more Greyer tones that would complement light coloured shaker style kitchens for a classic kitchen feel. The "1909 half pencilled and scalloped" would be a strong contender, as would the Burbidge Langton or Salcombe.

Black Beauty was stunning, this would look great if you were going for the modern feel with a medium to dark Grey slab doors like the Zurfiz Supermatt Light Grey, even White, this giving a totally cosmic feel to a Glasgow kitchen.

A large thank you to Consentino for the invite today. Glenlith Interiors look forward to utilising the showroom with our wonderful clients.

Visit for more info, and take a look at our finished kitchen projects where you can view many projects with Silestone worktops.

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