The Kitchen - the Heart of the Home

The Kitchen - the Heart of the Home


Colour. Layout. Appliance. Storage.

Recently we asked those that like (and follow) us on Facebook and Twitter, what was the most important aspect that you focused on when remodelling or starting on the design of your brand new kitchen? You can view the facebook post here.

We had a good response and the overwhelming 1st choice, for those who got involved, was that of 'LAYOUT' being top priority. We can't say that we are overly surprised and we would always suggest a well thought out design by spending time with our top designers and our cutting-edge CAD software. You can see below how realistic these 'drawings' can be... and how accurate they can represent how your kitchen might eventually look.

However, there were many people who cited APPLIANCES and COLOUR as high on their list also. We really get that appliances are a big part of Your Kitchen - we always strive to make sure that we get to install the best products out there, from La Cornue and Wolf to Miele and Gaggenau to mention but a few. That level of quality is something we believe strongly in and we try not to compromise on these aspects as they are fundamental to you getting the best from your kitchen installation.

On to colour. This is the one that gets people most 'hot under the collar'. We can spend hours with clients talking about colour schemes and trends. At Glenlith Interiors we are always at the forefront of the top trends in kitchen design and fitting - however, we also understand that everyone has an individual taste. We will always respect that and guide the client in these pretty difficult choices ... most people will have to live with their kitchen for as much as 10 years. It's a big shout.

One of the things that we pride ourselves in though, in relation to colour, is that of our 'understanding of colour'. Colour can actually be a bit of a science. As I mentioned previously colour and perceptions of colours can be somewhat subjective but we all tend to understand certain ranges. Reds, oranges and some yellows which are in the warm spectrum evoke emotions like comfort and warmth but can also represent anger and stress. Blues and Greens (on the cold side of the spectrum) can be described as calming ... but in the wrong frame of mind can make some feel sad. As experienced designers of quality bespoke kitchens we have seen many colour choice mistakes (they weren't mistakes when they were originally picked) and from this, we have a wealth of experience in what works. Sometimes it's about using those neutral colours and adding a 'touch' of colour to allow your kitchen to remain as timeless and comfortable as possible.

In summary. You know that layout and your 'choice of appliances' are important - but don't underestimate the importance of colour within your kitchen. Talk to one of our colour experts. Contact us now.


I know we haven't spoken about Storage but that's a blog post in itself. Maybe next time! : )


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