Top 5 Luxury Kitchen Appliances for 2018

Top 5 Luxury Kitchen Appliances for 2018


If you are a regular reader of our posts or social media you will be more than aware of our pursuit of excellence in all things to do with your fitted kitchen. One of the things that we always suggest (budget permitting) is to make use of the best kitchen appliances and materials possible. These days having a luxury kitchen appliance doesn't mean that it's made from the fanciest materials. More likely, it means that the appliance contains the best and latest technology (and is still probably made from fancy materials).

The appliances below are so futuristic, they can do things you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Many contain cutting edge smart technology, which is, as always, a growing trend in kitchen design. With the amazing functions of these appliances you will be able to work seamlessly and efficiently in your Bespoke fitted Glenlith Kitchen.

Take a look:

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine (£2595)

There's nothing more important than your morning coffee to start the day off right. So, it's important that you choose the best coffee maker on the market. This stylish coffee machine is the perfect choice for coffee lovers. What makes it so special are the wide-ranging settings which you can use to experiment until you find the perfect coffee to tickle your taste buds.

To give you some perspective, let's say you like the milk in your capuccino cooler than your in your latte. Well, the settings can be personalised to make this happen. You can choose between 21 beverages altogether which gives you a great number of options. But it's really the advanced technology of the Jura Z8 that makes it stand out.

Samsung Family Hub Mutli-door Fridge Freezer (£2879)

We bet you never thought a refrigerator (of all things) could be so insanely cool! So cool that you would want to show it off to your friends and family and literally every person who visits your home. The reason being, Samsung's Family Hub fridges come with smart technology that encompasses loads of amazing features. Its 21.5” touchscreen has apps that are both fun and useful.

For fun, it can display family photos, play music and podcasts, mirror a Samsung TV and more. For utility, there is a whiteboard you can use to leave notes on the fridge. You can access in-built cameras to view food and keep track of expiry dates. There are apps where you can find, keep and organise recipes. You can change the temperature and fridge settings from the touchscreen. There are so many features, it's ridiculous.

Bugatti Vera Kettle (£99)

Maybe you're not a big coffee drinker but you love a nice brew. Us Brits drink tea for any occasion – when we're happy, when we're sad, when it's cold outside and even when it's hot because that's what our mums always told us to do. So, it's a given that you need to have a decent kettle in your kitchen. The Vera Kettle made by Bugatti is the best option if you're looking for a kettle that has style. Just look at that sleek, chrome design!

Of course it looks fabulous, but this kettle has some great functionality too. It's more technologically advanced than your average kettle as it contains a sophisticated water temperature regulation system. You can choose your ideal temperature between 45°C and 100°C using the electronic control. Another interesting feature is that you can set a timer on the kettle so it starts to boil when you usually take your tea break.

Vitamix A3500i (£675)

Now we know you're on that health kick for the new year, so we had to include a blender on this list. This bad boy comes from Vitamix's new Ascent series which they claim represents 'the future of blending'. They make this claim for a few reasons. The blender has the most powerful motor they have ever created – so you can guarantee speed, efficiency and an extremely well-blended smoothie. Settings on the touchscreen and the built-in timer allow you to fine tune the texture of your recipe.

What's really cool though, is that the A3500i features wireless connectivity and Self-Detect technology which lets the blender know which container is being used. What's that got to do with anything, you ask. To give an example of this tech in action, let's say you choose a smoothie to make in Vitamix's Recipe App. The Self-Detect technology will tell the app whether you're using an 8-ounce or 16-ounce container etc. and adjust the recipe for you. It allows you to work seamlessly in the kitchen.

Smeg SFP9395X Built-In Oven (£1399)

The kitchen is all about preparing delicious food for you and your family or friends. So, arguably, the heart of the kitchen will always be the oven. This built-in oven from Smeg is absolutely stunning. It is really the cutting edge of luxury design. You can tell! The oven is beyond stylish. We bet you're picturing it in your kitchen right now. But it's more than pretty, it has a tonne of cool features you will be dying to try out.

If you're a fan of pizza then you'll love this. The SFP9395X comes with integrated pizza stone moulding, meaning you can cook your own pizzas and flat breads. Its 'eclipse glass' is another innovative feature – the glass is black when the oven is switched off, and clear when the oven is switched on. And you'll absolutely adore the fact that the oven is offers pyrolytic cleaning. It's a feature of some Smeg ovens, which means that to an extent it is self-cleaning.  The function burns off any grease stuck to the walls of the oven by heating it to 500°C. Now that could save you some time and effort!

There have clearly been some massive developments in kitchen technology in recent years. We can't wait to see what's to come in the future! For more information on innovative kitchen design, get in touch with one of our Kitchen Experts today.

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