Understanding your kitchen budget

Understanding your kitchen budget


Not so long ago we were contacted by a very pleasant man enquiring about the possibility of Glenlith Interiors installing his kitchen. He wasn't sure what kind or style of kitchen he was after but liked the look of the kitchens (and the quality of finish) that we had showcased online.

He pointed out that he would love to be able to commission us to design and install his beautiful kitchen but wondered whether he was able to find the money that was required to allow us to start.

The kitchen space was, admittedly, pretty small - but at Glenlith Interiors we pride ourselves in our ability to make the most of whatever space you may, or may not, have. This is one of the reasons that you may want to consider using our expertise. We won't just 'go with the flow'. We will ask questions about your thinking with regards to certain aspects of what YOU have in your head. We will make YOU consider your preconceptions on where certain items should sit in your kitchen.

His kitchen floor area was, indeed, small and his budget kind of reflected that. Our conversation was pleasant, and we went over the various stages in the potential development of his future kitchen design and install project.

- Computer Aided Drawings to allow us both to get a feel for the potential of the space. 0.5 days.

- The removal of the existing kitchen, including the hire of an appropriate skip. 1 day.

- Plasterer, tiler, electrician, plumber ... 4 days.

So here we are... 5 and a half days worth of (chargeable - excluding materials) time later ... before we've even discussed his cabinets, his doors, his worktops, his flooring.

Needless to say that when I applied a rough value to these other tradesmen's time his budget had been eaten into fairly comprehensively. At Glenlith we understand that all budgets are different and there will ALWAYS be a builder/joiner/contractor that will be able to deliver to that pre-agreed budget. However, we know what needs to be done to ensure the highest quality possible.

We never like knocking back business, but there are occasions where the fit is just not right - for both parties. We will always advise on what is the best possible end result for you in relation to a space that is, technically, the 'heart of your home' as it's a space where you (and others) spend a lot of time.

With the above in mind try not to cut corners. 

Plan ahead. 


Do it next year even ... but do it right! 

You spend too much time in your kitchen not to - you deserve it! 
Choose to get Glenlith in to fit the RIGHT kitchen... not the cheapest.

Get in touch with one of our Kitchen Experts today!

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