Very Bespoke Kitchen Design and Install

Very Bespoke Kitchen Design and Install



We recently finished a 'very' bespoke design and install for a lovely couple relocating from Wales to Glasgow, Scotland. The initial meeting was about creating a kitchen space that was completely unique. This design had to work in a way that their room looked and felt completely different from anything they had ever seen or lived in. The client's vision was of a modular freestanding nature. The challenge, alongside the uniqueness, was that this was a massive space. This area is 26m2 and housed a freestanding Welsh dresser as well as a dining table and four chairs - all located at the window area. The dreaded boiler! Attached to the wall is an eternal 'problem' ... that we continue to find a solution for.

When we sit down with a client, we make sure that we understand what they are after. We try to think like them. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have pretty much came up with a solution for most questions or requests. This particular job brought up the following:

"We don't want a standard fitted kitchen ... is that a problem?"
"We love cooking. Can we get a space that allows us to enjoy that?" 
"Are natural products possible?"
"We have a wall mounted Boiler ... can we 'hide it' is some way?"
"We'd like it to flow with no 'jutty out' bits if possible."

We started on the design, as always, using the most up to date Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software. Our CAD skills are incredibly good and can he can help you visualise your kitchen in a way you've never thought possible. Regardless of available space everyone want's to make the most of it. Blum, Hettich, Peka and Kessebohmer are market leaders in pull-out mechanisms for base and larger larder units, and we made use of Blum's incredibly versatile Corner unit. (Peka also has an incredible pull-down system for wall units although this was not required for this project). The conversation about the details on these units are the things that really help make your kitchen totally unique. 

Inframe, one of our most popular kitchen styles, was an obvious choice for this particular project. We used an Oak shaker, subsequently deciding to add scroll legs to the frame, giving a freestanding look. The use of Inframe allowed the option of exposed butt hinges and cabinet latches. 

Our client went for Antique brass for all handles. In relation to colour... they went for Fawn (No10) by Farrow & Ball. When we presented the CAD visual, it looked very clinical. On reflection, we agreed to add a 'two-tone' theme with some Oak. Subsequently, we introduced a set of 'four-spice' drawers and lacquered the top drawer on the triple drawer set - we considered painting it but decided that this was the best option. By using an open centre frame in Halifax Oak on the wall run it gave a balancing contrast with a welcome break. Last, but not least, we added our reversible chopping board. Mostly to do with the fact that our clients love to cook! : ) 
The cylinder extractor by FRANKE was added to give a modern and unique twist to the kitchen. 
When we suggested it we thought it would be a 'no-no'... It ended up being a 'yes-yes' so it ended up being included. A stunning feature as you can see.

The chosen work surface is Ice Blue Granite. The appliances are of the highest quality and supplied by Miele, Franke and Neff. The Floorcovering is LVT Queyside Oak in herringbone, and the filtered water tap is by FRANKE.

There was a utility area with an easy access boiler to deal with in which we added two full size framed doors ... which concealed it superbly. We also fitted an alcove to the client's specifications at a later date. As you can see from our client testimonials - our flexibility in this kind of situation is second to none.

Taste ... in ALL things... is subjective. You may LOVE this kitchen. You may HATE this kitchen. You may be 'not bothered' by this kitchen. However, you will not be able to question the QUALITY and UNIQUENESS of this kitchen.

Consider this kitchen in Graphite, Light Grey or All White? Often safe options but easily demonstrated by our expert kitchen designers.
(BTW we LOVE this kitchen as it is)

Either way - at Glenlith Interiors we listen to what YOU want! It's one of the things that separates us from the rest.

After all... IT'S YOUR CALL!



Note: Decoration is not complete, this is another contractor.

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