What Kitchen Door Is For Me

What Kitchen Door Is For Me


There are many styles of a kitchen in the market, the door and matching components are really the kitchen, this is why we are blogging about the doors, after all, you don't see the carcases.

Budget is a major factor when choosing a fitted kitchen, you may think kitchens all look the same, but as I've pointed out before, it's very similar to buying and choosing a car. It's a good idea to have a ballpark figure in mind. Explain this to the designer, as there is no point in test driving a BMW when your budget can only stretch to a Ford. They do the same thing, they have Four wheels, so why go for the BMW?  Is it starting to make sense now?

Below is a guide, with some styles and the price range they fall into.


Entry Level Door

The entry level door can look great. This is a door cut from a furniture board, then edged with a 2mm matching lip. The furniture board is a pressed laminate used for making kitchen carcases. Although you think of kitchen carcases in White, Cream or Oak effect, in fact, there are actually hundreds to choose from. Manufacturers from across Europe, such as Egger, Kronospan and Xylocleaf. Xylocleaf being a more upmarket. Oakgrain Mussel, Hacienda White, Avola Grey and Halifax Oak are a few stunners from Egger. 

BA Components have launched a range called Valore. The Valore is a basic edged flat door, but with the right design, a mix n match of Coco Bola with Mussel or Stone Grey with Alabaster, possibly changing to Light Concrete if a texture is preferred. With a range like this, components like plinth and cornice are very basic, however, using the right kitchen designer, it would not look out of place in a modern home extension in Giffnock. 


The market is flooded with doors to suit this budget. The mid-range kitchen doors slightly rise in cost due to much better components. Kitchens such as the Porter from Second Nature come in standard Gloss White, Cashmere, Dove Grey and Graphite with Matt finish an option also. Similar doors from Burbidge are the Otto with similar colour shades as standard. BA Components have the Zurfiz, slightly higher in the price range, but an option of Three door edge finishes, Glass, Brushed Steel or Matching. The Zurfiz is a made to measure door, with any size flexibility. Thers's massive range of Ultra Gloss, inc Mussel, Super Matt, inc Dust Grey and Cashmere and the stunning Metallics, inc Champagne, Blue, Anthracite and recently added the Mirror Effect door. With Zurfiz, there are many more shades to choose from. 

The Zurfiz door is our most popular choice for modern kitchens and bedrooms in Glasgow, we have designed and installed many kitchens from this range in, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Bearsden, Clarkston, Netherlee and many more areas throughout Glasgow that can all be viewed on our website http://glenlithinteriors.com/kitchens/our-kitchens/


Most door manufacturers have a handleless range. One of the most popular is the Remo by Second Nature, others include the Malmo and Isala both by Burbidge. BA Components have the High Gloss Lacarre, Elm Malton and the Matt Firbeck.  All are available in the standard colour palette of White, Light Greys, Dust Grey Porcelain & Mussel. BA Pronto boasts the Malton in a range of 3D foil wood wraps including Elm, Nordic Hemlock and Stone Elm.  The more expensive Burbidge have Oak Veneer, with some stunners like the Fumed Oak and Bleached Oak. Most in this range have plenty of components for a high-end finish.

Solid Oak In-Frame Painted

This is the top of the range in the kitchen market. The term in-frame, means the door sits inside a frame attached to the kitchen unit with "L" cleats. This is where it gives you the option to use an exposed hinge, or a hidden standard hinge on mounting plates. Although the in-frame door is smaller, area space inside is the same. The opening size becomes 36mm smaller, not a lot for uniqueness.

You can see in the first image how this kitchen has a frame around door and spice drawers. The second image has exposed butt hinges with a cockbeaded frame, the ultimate in elegant, bespoke kitchens.

Burbidge has a range of stunning in-frame kitchens including the Salcombe we fitted in Newton Mearns Glasgow, this can be viewed in "our finished kitchens" The Langton is another stunner, especially painted in the shades of "Old Navy" with a mix of "Bone" or "Soft Grey". Second Nature boasts the "1909" range with a palette of Thirty Two standard colours. This Palette includes the stunning Morris Blue, Flint Grey, Spearmint, Partridge Grey, Damson and the stunning all summer feel shades of Saffron and Umber. Second Nature also provides competitive alternatives with the "Milton" framed, and the "Broadoak" as the lay-on alternative. There is also the "Milbourne" In frame. The Milbourne is framed with the same look as the Milton, however, this is a foil wrapped MDF with wood effect, so exposed hinges would not be an option, but in fairness, to the untrained eye, it's hard to tell it's not painted Oak. It's also available in all shades.

Last but not least, Glenlith Interiors have a bespoke made to order in-frame supplier. We teamed up with a manufacturer in France who will make what we can draw.  They will also paint to any colour out with their standard palette, so if you require Castle Grey or Babouche by Farrow and Ball it can be done,

We have now designed and installed some stunning kitchens from this range in Thorntonhall, Clarkston, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, Bearsden, Burnside, Netherlee, Jordanhill and Hyndland. Most can be viewed on our website here.

visit www.glenlithinteriors.com for more blogs with great advice to help you with your new investment.


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