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Blossom Avenue Tullymore Oakgrain Mussel, Brushed Steel Reeded Handle & Coral Clay Silestone Newton Mearns, G77

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The Tullymore door by Blossom Avenue is one of our favourites styles as it is so versatile. The Tullymore is made to order and can be used for bedrooms and home offices. Although only available in a Matt finish, this still leaves 32 shade to choose from. The Tullymore is a shaker style with an outer detail bead, thus giving the impression of an inframe style. 

This kitchen was designed and installed for our clients in Newton Mearns who did not want to spend too much but wanted a classic look. The Oakgrain Mussel texture worked well with existing wall shade of a soft Cream. The worktop is Coral Clay by Silestone. The Brown shades in this not only gave an eloquent classic look, it worked well with the Oak flooring  

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