Our Kitchen Ranges

We used three different shades of doors in this In frame shaker classic, Carbon, Partridge Grey & Snowdrop, then three different shades for the work surface. This comprised of the stunning "River White" and elegant "Black Forest" granite, using full stave American Walnut on the rather large island. We had some River White left over, throw in the skip? NOT A CHANCE! We made a chill sink (plumbed to drain) with room to use as a cheese board.

In this project, we went full on with the light system. The LED lighting was installed everywhere. Sensors in every cupboard, so when a door was open, the lights came on. 

Glenlith Interiors are specialists in traditional style kitchens, we know how to fuse components and materials as well as adapt fixtures, to create a room you've always dreamt of. This doesn't mean we can't do Modern, we can......We just love the challenge!

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