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Dunavox Wine Coolers

A brand of luxurious design and great selection. Originating in Hungary, the brand has built a name within the European wine refrigeration market. For almost twenty years, the award-winning wine cooler brand has been associated with professional storage solutions for your wine collection at home. At the forefront of development within the wine cooling and storage industry. Known for their minimalistic exterior design , practical internal layout, state-of-the art technology and energy efficiency.

Product features:

  • The new Dunavox models offer easy to use touch panel control. Allowing you to adjust the cooling zones with a single touch.
  • Single and Dual zone temperature zones, Dunavox coolers are available with single or dual cooling zones. The variety of the product range provides the possibility to store different kinds of wine at their ideal serving or storage temperature.
  • With a new trend in contemporary handleless kitchen design, Dunavox have developed lines that feature push-to-open technology. These units are handleless and are simple to open. A gentle push to the top of the door is enough to activate the internal sensor.
  • Self-ventilating units, this feature allows the cooler to be easily installed as there are no additional vents needed.
  • As well as interior LED lighting, which can be set to: white, amber and blue. This feature gives you freedom to set the perfect lighting option to meet your kitchen aesthetic. Dunavox wine coolers are designed to mimic a wine cellar, the features that occur naturally in a wine cellar are all managed and maintained within the cooler unit. There is a balance of light, humidity and temperature, where your wine collection can be housed peacefully. They offer a wide range of coolers, from freestanding wine vaults designed to hold a vast collection. Through to fully integrated units the size of an oven. A great focal point to add to your kitchen design. To not only showcase your collection, but to add an extra element of class to your kitchen space

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