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CAD Visuals

At Glenlith Interiors we know that life can sometimes throw you some surprises. That's just life! However with our Super realistic Computer Aided Design (CAD) visuals there really will be no surprises. What you see ... is what you will get.

As you can see from the images below the quality is outstanding and will allow you to see your Dream Kitchen before it's even been built.

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Our quality bespoke bedrooms mean that you'll always fall asleep knowing you have the perfect bedroom

Home Entertainment

The excitement of the cinema in your own front room with a Glenlith Entertainment Centre.

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Utility Rooms etc.

Say hello to this elegant additional open storage to an existing utility room. Technically a 'Boot Room' ... but better looking.

You've possibly clicked around our website an found some beautiful bespoke kitchens and bedrooms - but we can do so much more.

All we need is a willing client with the right budget and imagination and we can create a story!. A space to create stories!


The images you see here are a mixture of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Utility Spaces.


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Home Office

Our home offices are perfect for those days when the commute seems like a bridge too far.

Our Finished Bedrooms, Home Offices & Media Walls

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